4 Reasons to Update Your Headshot

With 2018 off and running, I seem to be getting requests for headshot sessions almost every day. New Year's resolutions must have people making moves on that new picture they'd been procrastinating or finally deciding it is time to get out of that boring job.

If you have been thinking about updating your headshot, here are my top 4 reasons why you should do it this year!


1. You want to make a great first impression.

Your headshot is the first opportunity to make a great impression with a potential client or future employer. Thanks to LinkedIn and other forms of social media, we all research people before we ever meet them or work with them. Your picture should demonstrate competence, elicit trust and make people excited to work with you.

2. You look completely different.

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t updated your headshot in a long time. You may even be actively avoiding getting a new picture. However, time has passed and you may have changed your style, cut your hair, or just become increasingly wise-looking. Your picture should represent who you are today. Find a photographer who will make you look and feel awesome!

3. Your picture is just ok.

Your current headshot may be a selfie, a cropped wedding photo or a shot that your hobbyist friend took for you against a brick wall. It’s time to put your best look forward. Hiring a professional photographer will ensure you feel comfortable, exhibit trustworthy body language, and capture your most flattering angles. Don’t cheap out on your personal brand.

4. Your picture is boring or nonexistent.

According to my research, a LinkedIn profile with a photo is 11 times more likely to be viewed. A great headshot will make you stand out from the sea of faces while a recruiter or client is endlessly scrolling.

Hope this helps give you the nudge you need!