4 Reasons You Shouldn't Cheap Out on Your Headshot

  1. You want to look great, not just okay.

    There is a reason that you thought about getting professional pictures taken in the first place. It’s maybe because you are looking for a job or your old picture just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

  2. It’s part of your brand.

  1. You get what you pay for.

  2. You may have to get them redone in the end. Often times what you are pay

Topgolf Chesterfield | Taste & Tour

Last night was my second time at a Topgolf and both times I have been behind the camera. I can't wait until this location actually opens up so that I can go play with friends. The Taste and Tour event was a blast. The energy was great and they had some really fun celebrity guests like Chingy, St. Louis Blue's Players and Jackie Joyner-Kersee. 

A view from behind | I got to walk out onto the field before people actually started hitting.

A view from behind | I got to walk out onto the field before people actually started hitting.

Rapper Chingy practicing his golf swing.

Rapper Chingy practicing his golf swing.

Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee enjoying herself at the event.

Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee enjoying herself at the event.


St. Louis Medical School Portraits

This was one of my favorite headshot sessions in February. I try to get a variety in my sessions so that my clients can find an image that they love of both themselves and their environment.

Here are two favorite looks from Tina's session! She needed one with a completely plain backdrop for her med school application, but I also wanted her to have one with a bit more personality.

_F6B0369 copy.jpg

4 Reasons to Update Your Headshot in 2018

With 2018 off and running, I seem to be getting requests for headshot sessions almost every day. New Year's resolutions must have people making moves on that new picture they'd been procrastinating or finally deciding it is time to get out of that boring job.

If you have been thinking about updating your headshot, here are my top 4 reasons why you should do it this year!


1. You want to make a great first impression.

Your headshot is the first opportunity to make a great impression with a potential client or future employer. Thanks to LinkedIn and other forms of social media, we all research people before we ever meet them or work with them. Your picture should demonstrate competence, elicit trust and make people excited to work with you.

2. You look completely different.

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t updated your headshot in a long time. You may even be actively avoiding getting a new picture. However, time has passed and you may have changed your style, cut your hair, or just become increasingly wise-looking. Your picture should represent who you are today. Find a photographer who will make you look and feel awesome!

3. Your picture is just ok.

Your current headshot may be a selfie, a cropped wedding photo or a shot that your hobbyist friend took for you against a brick wall. It’s time to put your best look forward. Hiring a professional photographer will ensure you feel comfortable, exhibit trustworthy body language, and capture your most flattering angles. Don’t cheap out on your personal brand.

4. Your picture is boring or nonexistent.

According to my research, a LinkedIn profile with a photo is 11 times more likely to be viewed. A great headshot will make you stand out from the sea of faces while a recruiter or client is endlessly scrolling.

Hope this helps give you the nudge you need!

Code with a Cause 2018

This past weekend, I got to cover GlobalHack's first ever Code with a Cause at CIC. A room full of 80+ people gave up their entire weekend to solve problems with St. Louis non-profits. Just to put their awesomeness into perspective, the participants could have been out celebrating Mardi Gras or watching the opening of the Olympics, but instead chose to give their weekends to a cause bigger than themselves.

A standout moment from the event was the emphasis on solving 'with' rather than solving 'for.' It's so easy to go into service with the mentality of the savior, but much more rewarding and productive to work alongside the people who have already been pushing the cause for a long time.


Prosper Demo Day

I love supporting talented women, so getting a chance to work with Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Startup Accelerator on their Demo Day was such a fun opportunity. Prosper is focused on increasing women entrepreneurs’ access to growth capital and the number of women investing in early stage capital markets.

Their cohort of powerful entrepreneurs pitched their companies and shared the momentum that they've built so far. I left the event full of ideas and inspired to push my own business harder. Here are some of my favorite shots from the event.  


This event was held in Knight Hall at Washington University in St. Louis.

6 Ways to Prep For Your Best Professional Headshot

I love taking headshots. As a photographer, I have the privilege of helping people put their best foot forward when searching for jobs, building a personal brand and growing professionally. 

Since last October, I've taken over 400 headshots through my initiative Headshots 4 Hunger. Here are 6 tips to help you get the best headshot of your life... so far.


1. Good Prep

The week leading up to your session eat healthy food and drink lots of water. Your skin will look clearer and you will feel more comfortable. Also, get plenty of rest and avoid alcohol and coffee which can make you look drained.

2. Keep it Simple

The goal of your headshot is to highlight YOU. Avoid busy patterns, bulky jewelry, fluffy fabric and logos that will distract from your beautiful face.

3. The Right Color

Choosing the right color is an easy way to make sure that your face stands out and look great. It's important to wear clothing that contrasts your skin tone. 

If you have a lighter skin tone, avoid white, beige and pastels.

If you have a darker skin tone, avoid black and dark shades.

4. Be Comfortable

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Pick out clothing that you actually wear to work (unless you work from home in sweat pants). If you never wear a formal suit to work, you don't need to start now.

5. Pump Yourself Up

Think positive things about yourself before you go to your session. Do NOT say 'I am the least photogenic person ever.' I forbid all of my clients from saying this before their sessions because every person is photogenic when they naturally smile.

Getting an awesome headshot is all about relaxing and feeling great about yourself. Take a deep breath and remember that you are beautiful.

6. Smile!

People want to work with and hire individuals who look trustworthy, approachable and positive. Unless you are someone who absolutely never smiles, save your serious face for your next spread in Vogue or GQ.

5 Tips for Memorable Corporate Events

After photographing a variety of corporate events, here's a few tips I've picked up on what makes a great one.

1. Find a Unique Venue

Instead of looking for the obvious convention center or hotel ball room, try to find a local venue with character. The last national sales meeting I photographed was held at a 1950's hotel with an awesome rooftop. The employees were going crazy on Snapchat, showing off the incredible view and funky lounge spaces. Your guests will do the marketing work for you if your venue blows them away. 


2. Build in Exploration Time

Nothing is worse than being in an amazing city, but only seeing the inside of a hotel. Build in an activity or free time that allows your employees and guests to explore the city. This is a great way to show them that you really value them and want them to have a great time. One company I worked with gave all of their employees Fitbits at a conference in San Diego to encourage exercise and exploration. Needless to say, they had a pretty incredible view.


3. Dessert Stations & Custom Cocktails

Ditch the mediocre hotel cheesecake for a fun, interactive dessert spread. Whether it's a gourmet popcorn, a cotton candy station, a doughnut wall, or a s'mores bar-- your guests will go crazy. Branded cocktails are also a crowd favorite and with a little bit of creativity, the possibilities are endless. The drink below was customized for the grand opening of a lab space in St. Louis. The guests were even able to take home their branded beakers at the end of the night.


4. The Professional Headshot Station

Headshot Stations are the perfect addition to your corporate event. They provide a quick and easy way to refresh the professional image of your company while your employees are already looking their best. Whenever I set up these stations at events, I usually have a continuous line until food is served. Headshots are also a great giveaway to attract people to your trade show booth. AND everyone will be reminded of the awesome time they had at your event when they get their headshot via email a week later.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.59.16 PM.png

5.  Photo Booth Fun

While photo booths and selfie stations have pretty much become event standards, I have yet to see a crowd that doesn't get excited about them. Offer a mix of silly and brand specific props to spread awareness for your company. Photo booths are a great way to get people to your social media page after an event. No matter what age, everyone has fun being silly.


Jenn Korman is a corporate events photographer based out of St. Louis. She has traveled the country capturing everything from multi-day national sales meetings to non-profit galas.